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3 min readApr 17, 2022

To have a broad user base at any age around the world, and allow players to play the game at any time and anywhere with no barriers to participation, we choose both ‘Single Player’ and ‘Multiplayer’ as the prioritized type of games for launch.

The gameplay of Drifto is generally as follows:

Single Player:

· Main Story

Drifto will offer 6 different types of maps; your job is to complete quests corresponding to 6 maps with increasing difficulty to unlock them all and earn NFT cars and EXP.

· Challenge

By completing challenges such as finishing the race in the allotted time, getting enough drifting points, etc., players will have a chance to get EXP or our NFT gears as a reward.


To take part in our unique PVP system, players must reach level 5 by playing single-player mode or purchase Battle Pass to get instant EXP as well as unlock many valuable rewards. And remember that each race will be made up of 4 racers.

· Bet on the match

In this mode, you will race against other players (solo or party with your team). There are a total of 36 tracks with increasing betting levels as follows:

Level 1: 5 USDT

Level 2: 10 USDT

Level 3: 15 USDT

· Crew War

The race will take place in a 2v2 format between crews, held periodically (Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) and all players can participate in bets. The reward for winning crew will be USDT and Fame stat.

· Tournament

The tournament format will be held weekly for the top riders in the rankings. The reward will be extremely attractive, USDT and NFT cars.

· Lobby

This is the most popular mode in which players can create a lobby to invite their friends to race with. The race will become both extremely intense and fun when you can play with your relatives and friends.

Crew System:

The Crew system is also known as Guild or Clan. Let’s get together with your friends who share common hobbies and passions and compete against other Crews. There will be a fixed fame level of 1000 upon creating Crew. For every Crew War win, the fame level will be boosted by 25 points, and we will give awards to the top crew leaderboard after each Battle Pass ends.


· Crew leaders need to stake an amount of 100,000 $GRC to our pool to get a license to hold a crew.

· Crew members need to stake an amount of 20,000 $GRC to our pool to get a license to join a crew.

Quest System:

· Daily Quest

Daily Quest includes both PVE and PVP missions, and the reward will be EXP. Collect enough EXP to level up, you can participate in other modes with higher value rewards.

· Seasonal Quest

The quests in the seasonal quest will be held every 1.5 months. After completing the given quests, players will receive EXP, NFT gears, and NFT cars as a reward. And more specifically, when you unlock the Battle Pass, you will receive special quests with bigger and more attractive rewards.


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